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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rocky's New Year's Resolution: Will You Take Action Today

So you've been following the issue - you know felony animal cruelty laws in South Dakota are important but have you taken action?

Make Rocky's New Year's resolution a reality. South Dakota should be the 49th state in the country with felony level penalties for the most malicious acts of animal cruelty because we want to protect our pets and communities from violent offenders. There is a link between animal cruelty and human violence and recent cases in South Dakota demonstrate the need for such laws,
check out this link for the facts.
Rocky's owner and other animal advocates have been asking the South Dakota Legislature to focus on this issue for the past 5 years. We need your help in 2013 to make this a priority for our new legislature.

Take action today, South Dakota's Legislative Session begins soon and we are still working to secure a sponsor for this bill. Dozens of advocates have already contacted their legislators, many are sympathetic to the issue but none have agreed to lead the charge. Perhaps big Ag interests have shared misinformation on the subject or perhaps they just don't think it is important to you, their constituents. Make your voice heard.

Follow these simple steps and take action now:
  1. Email us at to request fact sheets and documents to help you draft a letter to your legislators.
  2. Find your legislators by following this link: if you don't know who represents you, click on the 'Who are my legislators' link.
  3. Use the state's website to email your legislators today. You are their constituents and they want to work on issues important to you like passing felony animal cruelty laws in 2013.
While contacting your legislators may take a few minutes of your time it could prove to be invaluable in our grassroots effort to advocate for animals in South Dakota.  Please share this blog and encourage your friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers to take action.  Don't leave it to others... we've tried for 5 years and it is time everyone take a stand and encourage the South Dakota Legislature to make felony animal cruelty laws a priority in 2013.

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