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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Prepare to Advocate for SD Animals in 2014 - Cruelty Draft Update

The 2014 South Dakota Legislative Session begins in just ten days and it is time for us prepare to advocate for South Dakota animals. Please share SDFACT's update with your friends and family - it's time!  Are you familiar with the South Dakota Legislature’s new website? It is very user-friendly and you can easily access information during the upcoming session - find & email your legislators, read bills, and identify when committees meet. You can also use the E-Subscribe (My LRC) to track bills for yourself. Check it out!

After five years of advocating to change South Dakota’s animal cruelty code, SDFACT reached out to Senator Krebs at the conclusion of the 2013 legislative session. Krebs coordinated a meeting for us with the State Veterinarian and staff from the Department of Agriculture.  Throughout the year SDFACT volunteers worked with the State Veterinarian and representatives from the Animal Industry Board, Sherriff’s Association, States Attorneys Association, animal shelters, Ag entities, and other stakeholders to draft a bill that would make the most violent acts of animal cruelty a felony in South Dakota.

We just received this update on the SDCL 40-1 draft from State Veterinarian Dr. Oedekoven: “The Governor has approved the draft, with some minor revisions that do not change the intent of the bill.  The bill has been pre-filed with LRC and they are making their suggested edits, which I hope will be complete by late next week.  Sen. Krebs has agreed to have the bill introduced into the Senate Ag committee at her earliest convenience.”

While no action is needed at this time, we ask you to stand ready to contact your legislators in support of this important piece of legislation.  We’ll share the final draft, bill number and other information as it becomes available - follow us on Facebook or check our website! Thank you for your continued support of animals in South Dakota – 2014 is the year!

                                                   SDFACT…until felony animal cruelty legislation is law!

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  1. Are these changes going to hurt us in some way. Sandi Eisenbeisz
    I am for for the bill and really do not want to have them continue to make revisions.