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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Myth: Only Out of State Animal Rights Groups Want Felony Animal Cruelty Laws in SD

It is just plain wrong when opponents say 'only out of state animal rights groups want felony animal cruelty laws in South Dakota'.

For the past five years South Dakotans have been asking legislators to make this a priority.

South Dakotans believe we should join the forty-eight other states in the country who already have these laws on the books.

South Dakotans are outraged by recent cases that demonstrate the link between animal cruelty & human violence.

South Dakotans want the legislature to pass a law that would protect pets and our communities from violent offenders.

Obviously, national animal protection organizations from the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Humane Society of the United States, to the ASPCA, American Humane Association and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary support South Dakotans in advocating for animals - why wouldn't they, that is what they do.

But only South Dakotans set the priorities in our state and South Dakotans want felony animal cruelty laws in 2013.

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